The History of the Ballarat Judo Club

Our predecessor, the Ballarat Judo Club was established in 1963, making it one of the longest continually operating clubs in Ballarat.


As well as producing numerous regional, state and national champions, it has provided an opportunity for hundreds of people to simply enjoy the study of judo, whatever their reasons for participating.


In recented years we inhabited a small country hall outside of Ballarat after finding it difficult to find a Ballarat based hall we could leave our judo mats down in. This restricted our growth.


Fortunately this changed in 2012 and we have a new location, program and timetable. The changes in venue and approach have now seen the club experience it's most dramatic increase in numbers ever which has prompted us in 2017 to move to a bigger, permanent location moving into the future. 2020 we joined forces with BRAWL MMA to provide the greater martial arts community the chance to cross train and experience the benefits of Judo.