2013 is here

Hi Everyone,


A little information to get you off to a good start for 2013.


I hope you all had a nice break and are ready for a big year of judo.


Senior and intermediate students are able to start back on the 15th of January for a short pre-season at the senior timeslot of 7.40pm - 9pm. The remainder of classes start back on the 5th of February as per the times listed on the noticeboard and training page of the website.


There are two tournament in March so now is a very good time to start to build up your fitness if you have let it slide over Christmas and New Year. General aerobic training, some general strength training and regular stretching are good to start with. As we get closer to tournaments you need to do some intensive high repetition work (intervals, circuits etc) for a month or so then a couple of weeks including some power work. If you're planning to do JMIM (over 30's only) on the 9/10th of March and/or Bendigo on the 24th I recommend you start the general fitness work now to be ready in time.


Tuesday nights in terms 1 & 3 will continue with the module approach for seniors and intermediates with the general skills and games based training for the younger participants (the 7 - 9 yr olds will now start to perform some lifting throws as well) continuing also.


Thursday nights will be based around drills and increasing fitness with participants having more discretion to work on their own techniques for kata or competition.


Given that our under 9's will now have a variety of levels of experience, students who are ready and who haven't graded in the last 6 months, will be able to grade towards the end of every term rather than just terms 2 and 4.


On a slightly different note, some of the students that used to train with me at another Ballarat based class, may be joining us as I will no longer offer that class. Please make them welcome! Some of them have been doing judo for several years so it will be good to have some more players to work out with. It doesn't have to stop with those judoka though, if you know anyone who may be interested in coming along to class or organising a group training session, please encourage them. We will continue to try to adjust class structures and timetables to accommodate increasing levels of ability and numbers.


Finally, I am very keen to understand your goals to help me to help you achieve them. As the full class schedule comes back we will complete some goal setting activities to help with this. It should be helpful to keep us all working together.


See you at training soon!


Sensei Simon

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