Simon Says Bronze

Just a quick update for you on Sunday's State Titles competition.


Both Simon decided to try there hands at the State Titles. Simon S kicked off (maybe I should say threw off), the day with a slowish start coming up against some very strong grip fighters which wasn't really a feature of the game during the major part of his fighting career. He then took some words of encouragement from one of our states senior coaches and turned his day around with huge seoinage and okuriashi barai ippons in his final two fights in the Masters men u72.9kg division.

Simon C forewent the Masters to play at the opposite end of the day in the u66kg Open Mens division. He began cautiously but worked his way into a very pacey bout before being thrown shortly before its scheduled end. It was the first time in a long time he had felt relaxed enough in a competition to actually think clearly and start to set his throws up. The second bout for Simon was a walk on due to a withdrawn competitor so both of our coaches ended up with a 3rd place on a very long day in Melbourne.

Links to some of the fights can be found on the Judo Ballarat FaceBook page.


Sensei Simon


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